Flow into the New Year

with Loving Intention

Ailbhe Wheatley

Sun jan 6th

3pm - 5pm 


yoga workshop photo.jpg

Ring in the New Year with lightness and love!

Welcome to an afternoon of stretchy, soul-soothing yoga, with emphasis on the fluidity of the breath. Move through a gentle flow as you open your hips, hamstrings and heart!

After you’ve stretched your limbs there shall be a guided meditation on intention-setting Yoga Nidra (relaxation) and pranayama (breathwork) a delicious head massage and a little written exercise…

Core Connection

Aimee Stones

Saturday Jan 26th

1pm - 3pm 



We sometimes forget the steadiness that resides within.

This 2 hour immersion focuses on reigniting that inner fire by strengthening our core stability through a series of slow, steady asana. Winding down to a super chilled, restorative end and a cosy cuppa. Not suitable for beginners.

Open to Fold

a Hips and Hamstrings Workshop

Gabriella Cervelli

Saturday Feb 23rd

1pm - 3pm 



This workshop is targeted to those of us with tight hamstrings who wish to give them lots of Yoga love! We will start with a gentle warm up and slowly move into more intense asanas (poses), enabling the hamstrings to lenghten and release. There will be standing asanas, including balancing ones, and seated asanas.

We will seal the practice with some yin and restorative poses, targeting the hamstrings, and a yummy relaxation.