Weekend Retreats

Delicious workshops by Yoga Kitchen and brunch by Two Pups Coffee



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Autumn Equinox 


Emer Duffy

Saturday sept 22nd

11am - 3pm 

€50 including brunch

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We will practice dynamic Kundalini Kriya, deep meditations, powerful mantra practices before being soothed by the sound of the Venus Gong. Following by a shared brunch together.

The Autumnal Equinox is a powerful transition point. Kundalini Yoga has all the tools to guide you to restore your body, reflect on your vision and refocus your goals!


Restoring Ease

Somatics Day Retreat

Katrin Neue 

Saturday Oct 20th

11am - 5pm 

€70 including brunch


Somatic Education is a neuromuscular training that focusses on clarity in sensory (body) awareness. You will learn some simple to follow sequences to relieve tension yourself, without the use of equipment or a therapist.

Morning: Relieve Neck and Shoulder tension

Afternoon: Free your Lower Back and Hips

Explore movements that melt tension and stress, improve your breathing and send you on a blissful journey towards easeful movement.


Health and Vitality


Emer Duffy

Saturday Nov 1oth

11am - 3pm 

€50 including brunch


Yoga can boost the immunity of your body, mind and spirit. Take a half day for yourself for complete self-care learning the accessible tools of Kundalini Yoga that specifically target your immunity.

Expect to practice deep pranayma (breathwork), sweating it out to stimulate the glandular system, lots of fun with the Kriya for Disease Resistance and deep healing meditation. Topped off with deep relaxation and the Venus Gong