Thai Yoga Massage

Sept 29th and 30th

This workshop will explore Thai yoga massage principles and techniques from a practical, anatomical and energetic perspective.

Blending together traditional concepts of Eastern medicines and philosophies with modern day consideration of the body's anatomical and fascial networking, this weekend will be a melting pot of healing ingredients.

Supported by morning yoga classes and meditation, we’ll cultivate strong and safe foundations to build a massage practice of joyful and healing touch. 

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Practical Info

• This practice is ground based and fully clothed - full length, loose and comfy clothes. 
• You don't have to have any massage experience to join. Beginners, experienced therapists, body movers and workers of all disciplines will learn and benefit immeasurably from the weekend. 
• You don’t need to come with a partner. We’ll get to experience and exchange as a group working and supporting each other through out. That said, if you have someone in mind you’d like to spend the weekend practicing massage with feel free to honour this. 
• You do need to come come with curiosity and warmth to give and receive, both of which, we'll soon see, can be really healing.

Booking Info 

Early Bird: €150 before Aug 1st
General admission: €180 Student/Unwaged: €150
Email for registration
Places are limited to 12


Saturday 29th:                                                                                              Sunday 30th
Yoga                                                                                                                  Yoga
Moving Meditation                                                                                            Moving Meditation
Chest, Arms, Hands                                                                                           Introduction to Thai Massage Theory
Lunch                                                                                                                 Feet
Sitting position                                                                                                   Lunch
Shoulders, Head, Face                                                                                      The fascial web theory
Closing ceremony                                                                                              Leg Exercises
                                                                                                                           Hip Exercises 


About Yaeli

My journey with Thai yoga massage began in 2010 when I was encouraged by my yoga teacher at the time to attend a 10 day retreat with Krishnataki of the Sunshine House, Greece. I immediately fell in love with the dance of Thai yoga massage; the authentic and caring physical connection I cultivated with myself and my partner as I practiced. The power of simple healing touch. I continued to study with the lineage of teachers from Asokananda’s school of Traditional Thai Massage and assisted Itzhak Helman on several retreats in Lahu Village outside of Chang Mai (2012). Since then, my interests of Eastern medicines have been blend with a solid grounding of anatomical schooling which is ongoing in The Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine, Cork. I'm currently working as a physical therapist in Dublin. For more about me as a teacher and a physical therapist check out my website

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