Sunday Easenings…

Soak up the last delicious drops of the weekend



Yin Yoga, Meditation & Journaling for Intention Setting

Sarah Jordan


7pm - 8.30pm




Yin yoga is a slow-paced, passive style of yoga where you meet your body at its edge in long-held postures - and then learn how to soften once you’re there. A practice with many layers of depth, it calls us to become intimate with ourselves - physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

This monthly workshop will provide you with the space to reconnect with yourself on each of those levels. After our Yin practice, we will have time for meditation and journaling, to reflect and set intentions for the month ahead.

 No experience in any of the elements of this workshop is necessary, simply a willingness to come along, soften, and connect deeply with yourself and your inner wisdom.



a Moon Circle for Women

Kate Gaffey


7pm - 9pm

sept 29TH, OCT 27TH, NOV 24TH, DEC 15TH



Nothing is more powerful than a circle of women stepping into their power.

A monthly meet up, we will come together to connect with our inner wisdom. We create a space for ritual, intention, connection and cyclical wisdom by working with the moon phase, the Celtic calendar, and taking prompts from the natural cycles of our lives.

Think of sitting in circle, dreamy Yoga Nidra, journalling & intention setting, deep rest & sisterhood. No yoga experience is necessary and women of all ages are welcome. A space for creating, dreaming, inviting, healing, supporting, nurturing & awakening to the power that lies within.


Self Love Fest

Yoga, Meditation & Journaling for Self Love

Sarah Jordan


1pm - 3pm

Aug 25th, Sept 29th, Oct 20th, Nov 17th



In this gentle and nourishing workshop, you'll be welcomed home to your body, your mind and your breath, and hopefully leave with the understanding that you are absolutely enough just as you are, and you are so worthy of love, especially from yourself.

You’ll be brought through a sweet and stretchy nourishing yoga flow, before we get cosy for a guided meditation, and close with some time for journaling, with writing prompts offered by Sarah.

No experience in any of the elements of this workshop is necessary. Take this time to show up for yourself, fill yourself up with love for yourself, so you can better understand, serve, and love those around you.



Yoga & Essential Oils

The Wellness Pixie


7pm - 9pm

oct 13th, Nov 10th



Come join Pixie for an evening of yoga practice and Essential Oil wisdom. Practical information combined with delicious aromas. Each month we will cover different health topics and how these high quality, Therapeutic Grade essential oils from doTerra can greatly benefit them. With the combination of scientific research and in-depth chemistry info, to the emotional benefits and energetic qualities to these oils, learning about them is nothing short of fascinating! They allow you to gently bring balance and harmony to every area of your life.