Somatics 4 Week Course

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4 Week Course/ Drop in 

A class to reset and restore during the day. You will learn different sequences of gentle Somatic Movement in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, to restore your muscle resting length without stretching, ease tension and explore a de-stressing, embodied and secular mindfulness practice. This
class is suitable for anyone of any age and fitness as long as you can get onto the floor, as we work on body awareness rather than expansive movements.

Starts Mon Sept 3rd | 13.10 - 14.00

4 Week Course €50 | Drop in €15


For the first 4 weeks, we will work with different themes to give you a flavour of this lesser known
movement practice!

Week 1: Soften your shoulders
Week 2: Ease your back
Week 3: Free your hips
Week 4: Better breathing