Saturday Sessions

explore new limbs of yoga

shift your perceptions

practise deeply 

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Folding into Fall 

Ellie Cunningham

0ct 6th

1pm - 3pm 


Just as the trees loose their leaves in autumn, we too can embrace a yoga practice of letting go of that which no longer serves us.

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In this workshop, Ellie will guide you through a practice of forward folding and self - reflection enabling you to shed unnecessary layers and move into autumn feeling grounded amidst the quiet experienced in these introspective poses.


An Chistin Dearg

Yoga for Menstrual Health

Kitty Maguire  

Oct 13th

2pm - 5pm 



A beautiful blend of Womb Yoga , Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga to bring balance and greater awareness. The Rent tent is a sacred space for women to come and build a deeper connection with their divine feminine energy and cycle.

Ease pain during and before menses while learning techniques to nurture and support the body.

No yoga experience needed.